The camera pulls back as he continues to work his hand along the length of his thick shaft. Slowly rolling the foreskin up and over the head before gliding it back down across the sensitive skin. His cock head is so big that his foreskin stretches wide then snaps back into position behind his head with each stroke. A brilliant pang of pleasure that he can't wait to repeat. He glances up at the camera with that cocky smile and stops stroking his cock for a second to let the camera drink in its meaty goodness. He just sits there looking at the camera with his boner poking at this stomach as if to say, "What are you waiting for?" Taylor sits up on the couch and pulls off his light grey t-shirt to reveal what he's been hiding. Holy crap, this dude is sporting an incredible six pack! An eight inch cock and a six pack?? This guy's got all the numbers covered! He settles back on the couch as the summer sun cascades across his incredible body and cock. Indifferent to all the cares in the world and solely obsessed with his own pleasure. Slowly stroking his shaft with deliberate pleasure then stopping from time to time to show off his beautiful cock. Standing tall as it waits for his next move. The camera comes in between his legs for a close-up of that monster sized cock. Taylor looks down on the camera with a quirky cock grin and pushes his cock right up into the lens. His foreskin pops up over his cock head as he guides his tool right up to the glass. Grinning behind his confident manhood as he teases everyone who's going to watch his video! Taylor grabs a bottle of lube and drizzles a huge glob of the slippery liquid all over his head and shaft then swirls the glistening mess around. His expression tells you that the pleasure is almost overwhelming as the lube works its magic on his already sensitive cock skin. He has to slow down a little to accomodate the flood of pleasure that follows so he stops to show off his glistening cock. Standing proud and shiney in the afternoon light - more...


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