He slowly glides his hand up and down the length of his meaty shaft and lets out a gentle gasp of pure pleasure. The camera comes in for a close-up of his beautiful cock and big balls as Chance glances at the camera with inviting eyes. He holds his cock up for the camera's unblinking inspection and grins a perverted grin. He sits up and pulls off his t-shirt to reveal his toned and smooth belly. Muscles rippling in response to his own electric touch on his throbbing cock. He looks into the camera with his dark brown eyes and holds his perfect cock up to show it off one more time. His longing expression turns to a gleeful smile as he gets into showing off. This horny young man is ready to explore some new territory! He scoots his ass forward on the couch as he pulls up his legs and exposes his tight little asshole. He grabs his cheeks and spreads them wide to be sure you see every detail of his private entrance. He reaches for a bottle of lube and drizzes a long glob of slippery liquid onto his asshole then smears it around. Coating his ass and his fingers in a glistening mess of pure pleasure! He guides the tip of his finger toward his asshole and gently pushes it inside his body. His mouth drops opens as he tries to adjust to the overwhelming pleasure of anal penetration then he crams his finger all the way in to the second knuckle. Buried deep and holding still as his body adjusts to the pleasurable intrusion. He works that finger in and out of his asshole as he starts the slow fucking motion that causes his cock to quiver. All the way in before slowly sliding his digit out of his ass and spreading his cheeks and showing off his electric hole - more...


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